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Gerard Webster & Associates offers psychotherapy and psychological counselling to:

Various styles of psychological counselling and treatment are offered at Gerard Webster & Associates such as psychoanalytic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and hypnosis. All psychological interventions are tailored to the assessed needs of each client and all treatment options (including benefits and costs) are discussed before progressing to treatment. 


Gerard Webster & Associates conducts psychological and forensic assessments for individuals and/or organisations who seek an independent opinion about alleged offences, abuse or professional misconduct. Psychological and forensic assessments are undertaken according to the Codes of Conduct of the Australian Psychological Society and the Australia & New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse. As such, psychologists practicing at Gerard Webster & Associates value the human rights and dignity of all people regardless of what they have been accused of or what they have done.

In adhering to the priciples of procedural fairness, psychologists at Gerard Webster & Associates genuinely consider the information provided by all parties and draw conclusions solely based on that material, without bias for or against anyone whose interests are involved. Psychologists undertake to seek all relevant information within the timeframe and clarify matters so they have a complete understanding of the situation before drawing a conclusion. Hence, psychologists at Gerard Webster & Associates encourage all assessment participants to exercise their rights to:

Child Protection & Abuse Prevention

Gerard Webster & Associates specialises in child sexual abuse treatment and prevention. The safety of children and other vulnerable members of the community is our priority. Our counselling services help children, teenagers, and adults who have been sexually abused or who have harmed others sexually to identify their areas of need and develop their strengths. Our forensic assessments assist families, courts and employers in identifying risks and strenghts that indicate an individual's level of safety and lead to protective evidence-based recommendations. Our training services assist carers and professionals in recognising and responding to the ever changing protective and risk factors that exist in families, organisations and the community at large. Our consultancy services assist organisations in developing evidence-based abuse prevention programs and our evaluation services provide independent organisational reviews and program evaluation in the area of child protection.

Professional Consultation

Gerard Webster & Associates provides consultation services to organisations who wish to develop an abuse prevention strategy for their clients, employees or members. Expert advice is provided, based on current research and knowledge from the field about the dynamics of child sexual abuse; abuse prevention strategies; program evaluation; and treatment and pastoral responses to victim/survivors, those accused of sexual abuse or professional misconduct, or those who have sexually abused. Gerard Webster & Associates also provides independent organisational reviews and evaluations of existing sexual abuse treatment and prevention programs.

Gerard Webster & Associates also offers professional supervision to those working in the fields of child protection and abuse prevention, psychotherapy and psychological counselling. Supervision is offered to program administrators and mangers, as well as intern psychologists and senior therapists. Supervising psychologists at Gerard Webster & Associates have been accredited by the NSW Department of Health Psychologists Registration Board, the NSW Commission for Children and Young People, the Australian Psychological Society's College of Forensic Psychologists and the APS College of Counselling Psychologists.